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5969 Iris Pkwy
Frederick, CO, 80530
United States


Falcon Unmanned provides professional tactical unmanned aircraft systems (UAV / UAS / Drone) at affordable prices for the civil, public safety (police / law enforcment / fire), and international markets.  Falcon Unmanned is the only professional manufacturer to provide a family of inter operable aircraft including Falcon (Fixed Wing) and Falcon Hover (Multicopter).  

Both Falcon and Falcon Hover  commonality include inter operable payloads, batteries, ground control station, and training.  



Falcon Unmanned aircraft IS THE MOST capable and robust mapping platform on the market.  Our flagship mapping payload uses the Sony A6000 or A5100 24.1MP cameras, however we have a number of other mapping payloads including a 16 MP multispectral option and tWO AXIS GIMBALLED camera options.  As mentioned previously our payloads are inter-operable between Falcon and Falcon Hover AND BETWEEN INDIVIDUAL AIRCRAFT.  Our platforms use a modular plug and play payload design allowing for us to manufacture new payloads when new cameras or sensors come to market WHICH IS OFTEN.  This allows you to "future proof" your investment in Falcon Unmanned aircraft.  

TO ILLUSTRATE OUR POINT SONY HAS LED THE WAY IN THE LAST FEW YEARS FOR HAVING EXCELLENT mapping CAMERAS.  THEY HAVE PROGRESSED FROM THE 16Mp sONY nEX5 TO THE 24 mp nEX7 AND IN JUST THE LAST YEAR THEY HAVE BECOME OBSOLETE AS SONY RELEASE THE NEWER 24mp a6000 AND MOST RECENTLY THE 24mp a5100.  fALCON PAYLOADS HAVE PROGRESSED THROUGH ALL of these cameras AS THEY HAVE COME TO MARKET with the end result being more capabilities at lower cost and less size/weight.  While Falcon has kept pace with technologies other platforms like the Trimble UX5 have not adapted to the technology and carry only the now obsolete 16MP NEX5.  Not only do they carry and obsolete camera but they are also twice the cost of a fAlcon.


Many mapping platforms, including the UX5, Sensefly, and Mavinci, use a foam aircraft structure.  How many takeoffs and landings do you think those aircraft are going to survive in rugged terrain?  

Falcon Unmanned aircraft are fabricated from high quality hardware, avionics, and electronics.  Our exterior construction is composed of carbon fiber, fiberglass, and aircraft grade aluminum.  We build our aircraft to withstand harsh conditions and environments as well as the test of time.  And because of our modular design if you do damage a component you only have to repair or replace those components and not the whole aircraft.  In the meantime you can use parts from your second aircraft to keep on flying.


Handlaunched aircraft like Mavinci or Sensefly may be able to take off in relatively short distances but they need a long strip of land to come back to earth without damaging their foam airframes.  Even worse are catapult launch aircraft like the UX5 which require you to haul a large, heavy, catapult launch system and they still have the issue of requiring a large landing area!

Our fixed wing Falcon uses a bungee launch and we now have a tactical rail launch option.  The bungee cord is less than 1.25lbs (570 gms) and our new rail launch system is the size of a camping tent.  The bungee provides more energy than hand launching which means it climbs faster and higher than hand launching.  It also helps direct the plane down the launch path so you can launch in more constrained locations.  For landing the fixed wing Falcon uses a parachute to bring the aircraft down vertically which again means we can land in very tight locations.  The parachute also provides an additional safety / risk reduction measure for your program.


For some reason all of the ux5, sensefly, and mavinci don't provide the operator with a live video feed.  We think that is quite simply unsafe.  At Falcon Unmanned we want to know whats going on in front of us and below us especially if we are operating over complex terrains including mountains, trees, and water.  To achieve this all of our mapping payloads have two live video cameras (forward looking and downlooking).  You can switch between the cameras with the click of a button and you will be seeing where you are going or making sure you are covering the ground you intend to be covering.


Falcon Unmanned has the only inter-operable multicopter and fixed wing aircraft on the market.  Our fixed wing Falcon flies longer and farther than the other mapping platforms which means you can cover larger areas while our Falcon Hover can do those close up smaller jobs.  Both aircraft use the same batteries, same camera payloads, and same ground control station which reduces your costs!