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5969 Iris Pkwy
Frederick, CO, 80530
United States


Falcon Unmanned provides professional tactical unmanned aircraft systems (UAV / UAS / Drone) at affordable prices for the civil, public safety (police / law enforcment / fire), and international markets.  Falcon Unmanned is the only professional manufacturer to provide a family of inter operable aircraft including Falcon (Fixed Wing) and Falcon Hover (Multicopter).  

Both Falcon and Falcon Hover  commonality include inter operable payloads, batteries, ground control station, and training.  



Falcon Unmanned vehicles are designed by professional engineers with years of US military drone design experience as well as active duty service operating systems.   given our military and engineering backgrounds we know exactly what is required to accomplish professional missions where lives or your business is on the line.   unlike THE MANY hobby grade toys, our aircraft are built to withstand the toughest environments and conditions using aircraft grade composites, materials, electronics, and wiring.


Falcon Unmanned aircraft are priced well below professional and military systems.  SIMPLY PUT WE HAVE A LOWER UP FRONT COST AS WELL AS LOWER lONG TERM LOGISTICS COSTS WHILE PROVIDING MORE CAPABILITIES.


Falcon Unmanned aircraft use an onboard autopilot to control the aircraft at all times.  The aircraft may be flown using GPS waypoint navigation or a "game" mode where you as the operator provide directional control (left/right/up/down) through a computer gamepad.  Unlike hobby grade systems on the market we DO NOT use an RC controller AND STRONGLY ADVISE AGAINST PROFESSIONAL USERS FROM INVESTING A SYSTEM THAT DOES. If you can drive a computer and a mouse you can fly Falcon Unmanned aircraft.


Falcon and Falcon Hover are the first and only inter-operable tactical unmanned aircraft on the market. Falcon and Falcon Hover share payloads, batteries, a ground control station, and most training leading to a substantial time and cost savings to customers who require fixed wing and hovering capabilities.  



Falcon and Falcon Hover share a modular payload design and multiple different payload/mission options.  Payloads can be changed out in less than 10 seconds between flights so on one flight you can be using a thermal infrared video camera and on the next flight you can be doing high resolution mapping/aerial photography.  Current payload options include:

  • Combined Day/Thermal IR live video payload on two axis stabilized gimbal

  • Sony A6000 or A5100 24.1 MP mapping payloads

  • 16.1 MP Multi-spectral Mapping Payload (Precision Agriculture / NDVI)

  • GoPro two axis stabilized gimbal

  • 16.1 mp two axis stabilized gimbal 

  • Custom Modular Payloads

Our modular design also allows for future payload expansion as new and improved cameras/sensor come to market.  This flexibility means that once in buy into the Falcon family of vehicles you can be assured that your investment won't be obsolete after a year.


All of our aircraft use a FCC approved Digital Data Link (DDL) for telemetry and video transmission on a single frequency.  Multiple frequency options are available for government and international customers.   Additionally our DDL provides up to 128 bit AES encryption and IP based networking options.


Falcon Unmanned vehicles are currently being used in law enforcement, public safety, disaster response, oil and gas industry, precision agriculture industry, research, and anti poaching missions.  Falcon and Falcon Hover have county wide FAA COA's with the Mesa County Sheriff's Office.  Falcon was also recently chosen as the unmanned aircraft provider for the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) Wildlife Crime Technology Project (WCTP) and has been fielded to Africa for anti poaching and conservation missions. 


Falcon Unmanned systems are currently being used by US public agencies with the appropriate FAA COA approval.  Falcon Unmanned will provide FREE support to public agencies in obtaining a COA.  We have a boilerplate COA package ready for your agencies letterhead!  Submitting a COA application is FREE and the process takes approximately 60-90 days depending on specific agency details.


Falcon Unmanned systems are currently in use by international customers and are easily exported via an export license through the US Commerce Department.   Falcon Unmanned will submit the export license for FREE.  The export license process takes approximately 60 days and is FREE to process.   Falcon Unmanned systems and hardware are NON-ITAR controlled!