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5969 Iris Pkwy
Frederick, CO, 80530
United States


Falcon Unmanned provides professional tactical unmanned aircraft systems (UAV / UAS / Drone) at affordable prices for the civil, public safety (police / law enforcment / fire), and international markets.  Falcon Unmanned is the only professional manufacturer to provide a family of inter operable aircraft including Falcon (Fixed Wing) and Falcon Hover (Multicopter).  

Both Falcon and Falcon Hover  commonality include inter operable payloads, batteries, ground control station, and training.  



Falcon Unmanned doesn't have anything to hide with our pricing, in fact we pride ourselves on being open with our future and current customers on pricing because we know that the competition can't come up with a more capable aircraft for less.  We also don't nickel and dime you on every little thing.  Our pricing includes everything you need to get the job done whatever that may be.  

Note that we do require you to purchase at least two of the same aircraft to start.  This is not to sell more product.  This is for you own good.  We have been flying unmanned aircraft for a long time and the quickest way to hurt your program is to only have one aircraft.  As we used to say in the military...."Two is one, One is none".  


At a minimum you will need:

  • Two of the same aircraft
  • Two payloads (mix and match as required but two of the same are preferred)
  • One ground control station (GCS)
  • Training

If you are doing mapping / photogrammetry you will also need photogrammetry software and a computer powerful enough to process the imagery.   If you don't have those we will provide them.  Below we list what is required for a complete mapping system.


Falcon (Fixed Wing)                                                                                                                                                                    $12,000

The Falcon is the complete aircraft with the exception of the payload which you will find below.  All payloads are plug and play and allow you to accomplish different missions (i.e. video, mapping, etc).  

Each Falcon fixed wing aircraft includes:

  • Falcon airframe
  • Fully integrated autopilot/avionics package
  • Fully integrated digital data link (DDL)
  • Two parachutes
  • Two flight battery packs
  • Two bungee cords
  • Two spare propeller sets (one included with airframe)
  • Five pitot socks
  • Soft bag

Falcon Hover (Multicopter)                                                                                                                                                       $8,000

Falcon Hover is the complete aircraft with the exception of the payload which you will find below.  All payloads are plug and play and allow you to accomplish different missions (i.e. video, mapping, etc).  

Each Falcon Hover aircraft includes:

  • Falcon Hover airframe
  • Fully integrated autopilot/avionics package
  • Fully integrated digital data link (DDL)
  • Two flight battery packs (Interoperable with Falcon and Falcon Hover)
  • Two spare propeller sets
  • Soft bag 


Day / Night Live Video Gimbal                                                                                                                                                 $8,000

Includes both a day and thermal infrared camera in a two axis steerable gimbal.  The day camera is a Sony Block camera (640x480) with a 10x optical zoom.  The thermal infrared camera is a 640x480 long wave infrared sensor.  The thermal infrared camera shows thermal variation and may be used during both day and night operations.  When flying this payload the operator may steer the camera packages, zoom the day camera, or select between the day and IR cameras using the joystick.  

Sony Nex7 Mapping Payload                                                                                                                                                   $3,000

The Sony Nex7 24.1 MP DSLR is the premier digital camera on the market for mapping and photogrammetry applications.  The camera is rigidly mounted in a protective housing which also includes two live video cameras (forward looking / down looking).  The still camera is triggered by the aircraft based on distance traveled or by manual triggering.  The operator may select a trigger distance based on the mission requirements. When flying this payload the operator may select either camera to view with click of button at the joystick.  This payload is interoperable with the Fixed Wing Falcon and Falcon Hover.

GROUND CONTROL STATION (GCS)                                                                                                                                           $4,500

Falcon Unmanned aircraft use a common interoperable ground control station (GCS) which may be used to control Falcon or Falcon Hover.  The GCS is powered by any 12 volt source including aircraft batteries and a car battery for vehicle mounted operations.  The ground control station includes:

  • Laptop with solid state drive (SSD)
  • Commbox
  • 12" Video/Secondary monitor
  • Wireless mouse
  • Wireless joystick
  • Battery charger and associated cables
  • Short range antenna
  • Mid range antenna
  • Vehicle power/charging cable 
  • Vehicle window monitor mount

Walston Retrieval System                                                                                                                                                         $1,200

Flying unmanned aircraft has its inherent risks.  One of those risks is that you will have some unknown failure at some unknown time which involves your plane coming down.  Hopefully you will have a good last known GPS position that you can just walk to but otherwise you want some kind of tracking/retrieval system to give you a second method of recovery.  For this reason we offer an RF directional tracking/retrieval system.  We use the Walston Retrieval System.  You are more than welcome to procure directly from Walson however you may also purchase through use.  The minimum system we provide includes:

  • Two transmitters
  • 50 transmitter batteries( 4 required per transmitter)
  • One receiver
  • One receiver directional antenna


Agisoft Photoscan Professional (Photogrammetry / Mapping Software)                                                                      $3,499

Photoscan is by far the best value and best software on the market for doing professional photogrammetry work.  It has a simple user interface and the image products are top notch.  Photoscan professional is used to develop georectified mosiacs, digital evelation models (DEM), point clouds, and 3D models.  If you have surveyed ground control points (GCPs) you can include them in the processing process to increase absolute accuracy to survey/near survey quality for every pixel in the mapped area. 

Global Mapper Software (Image / Data Analysis)                                                                                                                     $449

Global Mapper is a great value for analyzing the image products which come out of photoscan.  Global Mapper allows you to take length, area, and volume measurements, do change detection based on volumetric changes in the DEMs, complete NDVI analysis with multispectral payloads, and provides many usesful export formats such as google earth files which you may provide to your customers for easy consumption of data.

High Performance Mapping Computer                                                                                                               $4,000 - $10,000

Doing mapping missions creates large amounts of data that need to be processed by a capable computer.  Sure you can try to make due with your existing computing capabilities but we highly recommend that you procure a machine purpose built to handling this type of data.  For processing mapping missions quickly you will need alot of processing power (CPU speed and number of cores).  For doing big jobs you will need alot of random access memory (RAM).  And to manage the image products you will want a good graphics card.  We will custom build a desktop computer for you depending on the type of aircraft and missions that you intend to fly.  Please let us know the type of missions you plan on completing and we can provide a better estimate for the type of computer you will need.

Falcon Training                                                                                                                                                         Starting at $3,000

Flying professional unmanned aircraft requires professional training.  We provide comprehensive and hands on flight training for Falcon, Falcon Hover, and Mapping/Photogrammetry.  Training costs depend on the which aircraft, the type of mission, and the location of training.  Let us know what your mission and preferred training location is.  If you want us to come to you be prepared for paying our travel costs as well as labor for travel days.  Basic Falcon Hover training in Colorado is $3,000 for a three day course for up to 4 trainees.  Falcon fixed wing training is $5,000 for a five day course in Colorado for up to 4 trainees.  We expect all trainees to be fluent in English and have competent computer skills.  

FAA Certificate of Authorization (COA) Documentation / Consulting / Support                                                             FREE

We believe the use of unmanned aircraft for public use shouldn't be hindered by bureaucracy.   We have a boiler plate documentation package on hand to start the COA process and we will support you 100% of the way if you are using Falcon Unmanned aircraft in your operations.

Export License Submission                                                                                                                                                            FREE

Good news for most of our international friends.  Falcon Unmanned aircraft are not ITAR controlled and are relatively easy to export.  Don't know what ITAR means?  It means we aren't considered military hardware and we can export much easier and cheaper than our competition.   In fact the export licence process is free and we will submit the paperwork for free if you are an exportable country.  Sorry Iran, Korea, and Sudan : (   

Falcon Hover Mini with Tactical Ground Control Station (Indoor / Outdoor Multicopter)                                         $20,000

Falcon Hover Mini is a combined (Aircraft and GCS) off the shelf solution for indoor / outdoor multicopter operations.  The aircraft has a 20" width without the modular prop guards and just slightly wider with the prop guards.  The modular prop guards are very useful for indoor operations where the chances of incidental contact are greater.  Falcon Hover Mini has an endurance of 12-20+ minutes.  

Each Falcon Hover Mini System includes:

  • Falcon Hover Mini (1)
  • Propeller Guard Attachment
  • EO/IR Gimbal (IR Ready - Quark IR Camera Sold Separately)
  • Fully integrated autopilot/avionics package
  • Fully integrated digital data link (DDL)
  • Three flight battery packs
  • Two spare propeller sets
  • Windows Tablet/Hybrid Laptop with SSD
  • GCS Commbox
  • Joystick
  • Mouse / Stylus
  • Tactical GCS Chest Harness
  • Battery Charger
  • Soft carrying bag
  • Hard case 
  • Spares Kit
  • Toolkit