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Falcon Unmanned provides professional tactical unmanned aircraft systems (UAV / UAS / Drone) at affordable prices for the civil, public safety (police / law enforcment / fire), and international markets.  Falcon Unmanned is the only professional manufacturer to provide a family of inter operable aircraft including Falcon (Fixed Wing) and Falcon Hover (Multicopter).  

Both Falcon and Falcon Hover  commonality include inter operable payloads, batteries, ground control station, and training.  


- Falcon UAV Gives A Chute About Public Safety

Chris Miser

If you plan on operating a UAV within the US (or anywhere for that matter) you might want to ask what safety measures a prospective UAV provides when things do not go according to plan.  For example if a control servo, sensor, or motor fails over a populated area what happens to your aircraft and your investment?  Or what happens if a privately owned Cessna, News Helicopter, or Life Flight decides to fly right through your airspace and cannot see your system?    

As the first UAV designed specifically for the public safety market we at Falcon UAV understand that safety and liability are principle concerns to any unmanned aircraft program.  From an operational standpoint we also understand that you will need to operate from constrained quarters with limited landing access.  Therefore we have implemented a parachute recovery into the Falcon UAV that may be used as a primary vertical landing method or at any point in the flight where safety demands the aircraft be recovered.



- A UAV That Actually Lets You See Flight Data!

Chris Miser

Unlike other companies we figured that you "the potential customer" may actually want to know what a potential UAV is capable of and what it is actually doing on a regular basis.  Most UAV companies will advertise a performance specification or a capability and not explain how they came to those figures or even if they are real.  For example a one hour advertised endurance may really be 30-45 minutes or "theoretical". 

Theory is great but often things don't work out as well in the real world.  The proof is in the data (or pudding) so we figure that the only way for you to know what a UAV is capable of is to show you and that is what we plan on doing.  While you are always welcome to make a trip out to Colorado for a demo flight we will also begin posting basic fight data in our 'flight data' page.  Additionally we'll try to regularly update our flight video with any new and exciting videos. If you have any questions about the data feel free to send us an email and we will see how we can help further.  

- Falcon Goes To Washington

Chris Miser

The Mesa County Sheriff's Office (MCSO) and a Falcon attended the Congressional Unmanned Systems Caucus Science and Technology Fair on Capital Hill today.  The event highlights unmanned systems and raises awareness for unmanned technologies.  As a small veteran owned company we were proud to be part of this event along side some of the biggest names in the industry. 

- MCSO and Falcon Receive FAA Approval

Chris Miser

On 12 Sept 2011 the Mesa County Sheriff's Office received an FAA Certificate of Authorization to operate the Falcon UAV flight operations covering all 3300 square miles of Mesa County's jurisdiction.  We are proud to be the fixed wing solution for the Mesa County Sheriff's and look forward to serving the public safety community. 

- Welcome To

Chris Miser will be the home for all things related to the Falcon UAV.  As we grow this site we hope to add some a user forum as well as a place to review flight data and flight logs.  This will give you a better understanding of the Falcon and help us better suit your needs.  We look forward to working with you!